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Welcome to NCTM | Your Tobacco Cigar and Cigarette Contract Manufacturer of Choice.

Manufacturers of: Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipe Tobacco

North Carolina Tobacco Manufacturing (NCTM) is a private label tobacco products manufacturer specializing in “Made in the USA” cigarettes, flavored and non-flavored filtered and non-filtered cigars and pipe tobacco.

We are able to design your blend and or flavoring profile according to your requirements – guaranteed!

Our facility is based in the heart of tobacco row in beautiful Stantonsburg, North Carolina.

NCTM also develops and assembles high-quality, private brand cigars and cigarettes, for other companies under contract, which are distributed around the world.

Our team of innovators are consistently evolving to improve our capabilities giving us the edge over most conventional manufacturers.

We’re both capable and eager to take on your project with a commitment to excellence that our customers deserve and expect.

Private labels welcome!

Let us use our expertise towards best developing your custom tobacco product from concept to reality.

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